Employee Testimonial: Anamika Patil

  • What is your name and job title in CyRAACS?

My name is Anamika, I lead the Application security VAPT projects in CyRAACS.

  • How would you summarize what you do? Why CyRAACS is a great place to work

At CyRAACS I am responsible for managing and leading VAPT projects wherein we must conduct VAPT assessments for IT Systems, Web applications, Mobile applications, and critical network infrastructure. We as a team conduct manual application penetration testing of thick client applications, mobile applications, web applications and web services, API’s to minimize exposure to attacks.

I am responsible to communicate with client teams often to explain and demonstrate vulnerabilities to application/system owners and assist with the mitigation of the identified vulnerabilities. I support fast-paced delivery in challenging projects. My job requires me to be highly motivated, detail oriented, and client focused.

CyRAACS is a great place to work because every day provides an opportunity to learn something new, to mentor and to be mentored to achieve our client’s goals. Being part of a team that is focused and dedicated to stand up to client expectations and help employees succeed, is the best thing anyone can ask for in their career.

  • How long have you worked with CyRAACS?

I had a pleasure of working in CyRAACS for near to 2.9 years now.

  • What is the most interesting thing about working in CyRAACS, and about the work you do?

CyRAACS follow a no hierarchy model wherein the management keep their doors open to promote new ideas and transparency of information within the organization.

My job demands me to be constantly updated with the latest technologies to challenge myself to know more about the trend revolving cyber security. I like the fact that I can interact with the key stakeholders and technical team to suggest them security remediations in line with their business scenario.

My journey through these years has seen many changes come through in the organization, and each time, these have been for the better, for the leadership in CyRAACS is committed to make CyRAACS a big success story in the coming years.

  • What are three benefits you have discovered about working in CyRAACS that you weren’t aware of when you started?

My journey at CyRAACS has been very gratifying and rewarding. I always had opportunities and challenges beyond my current role which helped me prove myself and achieve greater heights.

CyRAACS has helped me achieve my professional goal by sponsoring my certification.

I have learned over these years about my own domain, but there has also been a lot of cross functional learning which has helped in an overall growth in my career.

At CyRAACS, Individuals come in at different levels with different skill sets, expertise, aspirations, and attitudes. Here, at CyRAACS we learn to think independently, be focussed and to push ourselves out of our comfort zone. This is a company that adds significant value to each employee, and it helps each individual reach her or his highest potential

I am proud and humbled to be amongst such incredibly talented people and I am thankful for the opportunity to contribute to our continued success.

  • What are your thoughts about the company’s vision and direction, and your role in helping CyRAACS achieve them?

Management at CyRAACS has always been transparent about what they are doing to achieve company’s vision and have ensured that we are kept aware of the progress the company is making.

When I see my leaders working hard to live the standards of the vision, I feel equally motivated to do the same. I believe that we should be accountable for meeting our own goals and doing our part to achieve company’s vision and direction.

I agree to the fact that transparency is great for the company vision, but it is also a good way to build trust with employees and customers. Staying transparent about the failures and the successes of the company will help your employees be more engaged and productive.

  • What advice would you give a job seeker who’s thinking about applying for a job with CyRAACS?

My advice to job seekers would be if you are looking for a challenging, fast growing environment with opportunities to learn cross functional skills, CyRAACS is a one stop for you.

Specifically, for fresher’s this is great place to start their carrier because here you are mentored at every step to push yourself ad uncover your true professional.

The culture is transparent, every employee, irrespective of their position is given a chance to be heard, and there are ample opportunities available to those who want to build a career here

  • When you tell people about your job, what’s one thing that surprises them, or gets them excited about the work you do?

As the first job is considered as most important point in anyone’s career path, CyRAACS proved to be the right tipping point for me. I joined as a fresh MBA graduate.

Early in my career I was given a chance to handle a separate developing service line – Application security and I was trusted with the responsibility of handling stakeholders on my own. The whole experience has been a great learning opportunity for me.

My growth graph has been exponential as the management here has been very supportive and has given me ample of learning opportunities with meaningful rewards and recognition.

  • Your achievements, Value provided to clients and Clients empathy etc

I have successfully completed 150+ projects with more than 50% repeat engagements.

Client achievement and empathy: I have received excellent recommendations from majority of my clients highlighting the quality of deliverables, meeting up to the deadlines and going beyond the set expectations from industry sector clients such as Banking industries, IT services, Healthcare, Telecommunications.

On request from one of our clients, a tax consulting multinational company wherein the client had to make their application go live, we were given a strict deadline to complete the said task. Conducting VAPT and helping client secure their application was my one of the major responsibilities which I abided to. The client was very happy with the engagement and in turn suggested their internal departments to conduct VAPT for their other applications.

Overnight audit requirement for one our client operating in small finance bank sectors was a crucial task to be completed.  Time constraint of 1 day was given to retest 10 applications. I took it as a challenge and had push myself to meet the said timelines and completed the task by leading my team. The client in return has extended their empanelment contract with us as their security partner.

Client specific challenges wherein their application is inaccessible, or a new functionality is introduced within the application, we have ensured that we accommodate such requests and perform multiple rounds of testing to make certain that all the functionalities of the application are tested, and application is secure to go live on production. Clients have considered this as a key value provided to them appreciating our extra efforts.

On request from one of our clients, an IT services company, we had to conduct VAPT for their application and Infrastructure components wherein they were given a strict government deadline to abide by. This request was taken into priority and I had to drive it to the completion within the said timelines. Client gave a positive feedback on the engagement and gave our referrals to other partner companies as a result.

Achievements and Certifications

  • I successfully completed my CEH certification in the year Dec 2018 which was a boast to enhance my hands-on experience in VAPT.
  • I cleared my OSCP exam in the year Aug 2020 as per the target set by management, the confidence they had in me kept me driving to achieve this.
  • I led the team to clear the CERT-In exams owing to which CyRAACS is now recognized as one of the 30 CERT-In empaneled companies.
  • I am one of the pioneers for executing Phishing as a service line, executing container security projects, executing VAPT projects (Applications and Infra) in the year 2018, creating customized dashboards in tenable for one of our clients, customizing scripts for policy configuration audit.

Client success stories

Repeat clients – Our quality output and focussed approach has made CyRAACS an empanelled security partner for many of the client projects led by me across various industry sectors such as Finance, Banking, IT services, Healthcare, Telecommunications.

Referrals – Many of our clients have given referrals to their other partner companies for CyRAACS as a security vendor.


The writer- Anamika Patil, a Cyber Security professional, has attained industry relevant certificates like OSCP and CEH. She has a master’s degree in IT Business Management with specialization in information security. She is currently working with CyRAACS™ as an Application Security Lead – Technical Services. CyRAACS™ is a one stop for Cyber security Consulting services with expertise in a spectrum of Cyber Security services.

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