Problem Statement

Customer was required to conduct a Gap Assessment against GDPR requirements as a Data Processor for a leading European FMCG company. This was to be completed before the deadline of 25th May 2018.

Services Delivered

  • Assessed the readiness and compliance to GDPR requirements for a Client.
  • Studied the legal contracts to identify requirements on privacy and security controls
  • Identified additional privacy and security control requirements mandated by GDPR, if any, to be incorporated into contracts
  • Conducted a Gap Analysis on the existing data protection practices (documentation, process and technology controls) against GDPR and provide a Gap Assessment report.
  • Provided recommendations for remediation for each identified gap

Value Provided

  • Conducted a comprehensive assessment against GDPR requirements
  • Identified risks and corresponding remediation measures required to ensure compliance with contractual obligations and internal requirements

Company : GDPR Compliance Framework for Technology Company Catering

Service Delivered : GDPR Compliance Assessment

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