Consulting Services

Consulting services can provide the expertise and guidance needed to ensure your business is protected from malicious actors. Whether you’re looking to implement a comprehensive security strategy or simply need advice on compliance and data protection, a cybersecurity consultant can provide the support you need.

Risk Assessment

At CyRAACS, we perform an extensive Risk Assessment to identify the inherent and residual information security risks across the organization. Based on the assessment conducted, we recommend Risk Mitigation measures to ensure the appropriate security controls are in place in line with the organization risk appetite.

Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity planning is essentially a form of insurance. It gives organizations the comfort of knowing that, even if disaster strikes, the damage won’t be overwhelming.
Having an effective Business Continuity Management ensures that organizations can continue to provide an acceptable service in the event of a disaster, helping them preserve their reputation and keep revenue coming in. In the event that its key management resources are compromised, it is critical for an organization to be proactive and create a viable plan of countermeasures.

CyRAACS’s business continuity professionals provide consultancy help in identifying risks arising from third party vendor networks, managing them effectively, and planning how you can operate, improving your organizational resilience.

Maturity Model Assessment

An Information Security Maturity Model provides a path forward and enables the organization to periodically assess where it is along that path. Our unique qualitative and quantitative assessment model is adapted from the CMMI rating scale. CyRAACS’s Maturity Model Assessment framework helps to understand the organization’s risk exposure, and the maturity of the current information security program and identify areas for improvement, we also create benchmarks against other organizations and validate that security investments have improved security posture. We also provide a roadmap with opportunities in the areas of technology, process, and capabilities for information security.

Data Flow Analysis

For today’s way of the data treatment, it is an easy target to expose as organizations across the world are looking at the increasing amounts of data to deal with every day, this could be through e-mails, files, transactions, etc. Hence organizations urgently need to understand what their sensitive data is and where they are so that they can deploy appropriate controls to protect it. Data Flow Analysis (DFA) is the first step toward identifying sensitive data and implementing appropriate security controls for data protection.

CyRAACS’s DFA framework covers all the stages of the data lifecycle right from data acquisition to retirement. It helps to capture an accurate picture of the data flow at various stages within the organization. The output from DFA can act as key inputs to a Digital Rights Management (DRM) or Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) tool implementation, should an organization wish to implement those tools.
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