Regional Data Protection

Abu Dhabi Data Management Standard

The Abu Dhabi Data Management Standard (ADDSM) is a set of standards and guidelines developed by the Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre (ADSIC) and the Abu Dhabi Smart Services Authority (ADSSSA) to ensure the quality and accuracy of data in Abu Dhabi. ADDSM is designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of data management operations, reduce costs and improve the security of data. The standard covers the areas of data protection, data quality, data integrity, data security and data sharing. It also provides guidance on how to ensure the accuracy and reliability of data, how to store and manage data, and how to use data for decision making. 


The Dubai Data Establishment (DDE) is an organization that was established in 2019 to manage and regulate the data sector within the Emirate of Dubai. The DDE is responsible for developing and enforcing the Dubai Data Law, which is the first comprehensive data protection law in the UAE. The Law is designed to protect the privacy and security of data subjects and to ensure that data is collected, stored, and used in a secure and responsible manner. It also sets out the requirements for data controllers to ensure that they comply with the law when collecting, processing, and storing data. The Law is applicable to all entities operating within the Emirate of Dubai, including both public and private sector organizations. 
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