Risk Management

Say hello to the future of risk management. COMPASS empowers you to take a proactive, data-driven approach to identifying, assessing, and treating risks.
Choose your applicable Risks from our Comprehensive Risk Library, import the Controls Mapping and get going on your Risk Assessment journey. 

Key Highlights

Comprehensive Libraries
Comprehensive risk library to build your Risk Landscape
Issue Tracking
Integrated reporting and issue tracking keeping Stakeholders informed and engaged
Customizable Scoring
Customizable Risk Scoring and prioritization focus efforts on critical Risks
Continuous Monitoring
Continuous monitoring of risk and control effectiveness promoting proactive Risk Management
Intgerated Reporting
Integrated reporting and issue tracking keeping Stakeholders informed and engaged
Control  Assessment
Control Assessment to assess effectiveness of controls and developing Risk treatment Plans easily

Customers trust us.

"Conducting assessments against any standard, regulation, or framework is a breeze. Just add the standards to your assessments, assign owners, and you're ready to go. It's that simple! COMPASS has truly streamlined our compliance management, making it a vital asset for our organization.”
Information Security Manager
“COMPASS streamlined issues management with a centralized tracking system, ensuring visibility from creation to closure. Customizable prioritization targets critical issues, while detailed reporting supports continuous improvement. Automated real-time notifications keep stakeholders informed. COMPASS exceeds expectations, delivering not just issue resolution but effective, lasting management..”
Compliance Manager

Navigate Compliance Confidently: Your Frequently Asked Questions, Answered with COMPASS Precision.

How do I conduct assessments using COMPASS?
With COMPASS, conducting assessments is simple. Add the relevant Standards, Regulations, or Frameworks to your Assessments, assign Owners, and you're ready to go. Our user-friendly platform ensures a seamless process to assess your compliance effortlessly.
What makes COMPASS different in terms of compliance monitoring?
COMPASS offers automated and customizable workflows that streamline assessments, providing real-time monitoring and tracking of your compliance status and identifying any gaps. This proactive approach ensures you stay on top of your compliance requirements with efficiency and precision.
How does COMPASS enhance communication and collaboration during compliance processes?
COMPASS is designed to simplify communication and collaboration across teams. The platform includes built-in notifications and task tracking, keeping everyone involved accountable. This not only fosters a more collaborative compliance environment but also ensures that compliance progress is transparent and easily traceable.
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