Technical Services

Technical controls form a crucial part in addressing information security risks. Be it technology implementations, configuration of firewall rules, disabling of services or patch updates, periodic review of technical controls is essential to maintain and enhance the information security posture. This service line is designed to assess and strengthen the technical controls for information security. Our Technical Services include Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, Code Reviews and niche services like Malware Analysis, Forensics, Study of Indicators of Compromise, and Indicators of Attack.

VAPT Services
Periodic Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) are now mandated by regulatory directives. contractual agreements, standards, and frameworks.

Vulnerability Assessment focuses on creating a list of identified vulnerabilities and establishing a plan to remediate findings. The focus of a Penetration Test is to demonstrate success against the testing objective like breaching an organization’s border security controls, gaining administrative rights to a key system etc.

CyRAACS can manage an organisation specific VAPT requirements and helps to mitigate security risks proactively.

CyRAACS can provide VAPT services for the following:

  • IT Infrastructure
  • Web Application (Application Security Assessment)
  • Mobile Application (Application Security Assessment)
  • APIs (API Security Testing)

Secure Code Review Services
Secure Code Review is used to assess identified business security risks implemented in the application’s development life cycle. It ensures that the implemented application security checks and mitigations are effective and correct according to the OWASP, NIST, SANS TOP 25 and WEBAPPSEC security standards and guidelines and according to the recommended implementation requirements based on the application development stack / platform.

The review process identifies the gaps and issues with the implementation from the development and maintenance viewpoint. It also ensures adequacy of the implemented measures to withstand the common and widespread security vulnerabilities for all kind of applications.

We can conduct automated and manual reviews of application source code to identify business logic errors, security flaws and other vulnerabilities.

Data Flow Analysis
Organizations across the world are looking at increasing amount of data to deal with every day, this could be through e-mails, files, transactions etc. Additionally, for each of this, there are activities like save, copy, archive, stream, upload, download, and transfer numbers of files. This is done with the velocity of modern networks, using wired or mobile devices, in a rapidly evolving technical environment.

Today, organizations are in the era of sharing large amount of information among different places, it brings about data security risks. For today’s way of data treatment, it is an easy target to expose. Hence organizations urgently need to understand what their sensitive data is and where they are, so that they can deploy appropriate controls to protect it.

Data Flow Analysis (DFA) is the first step towards identifying sensitive data and implementing appropriate security controls for data protection. Our DFA framework covers all the stages of the data lifecycle right from data acquisition to retirement. This helps to capture an accurate picture of the data flow at various stages within the organisation.

The output from DFA can act as key inputs to a Digital Rights Management (DRM) or Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) tool implementation, should an organisation wish to implement those tools.

PCI DSS Compliance Services
PCI DSS consists of around 250+ technical and operational requirements which apply to both IT environment as well as core business areas. Many of these requirements comprise constant review and periodic activities in order to achieve annual certification.

CyRAACS can manage these requirements as a Managed Service to ensure the organisation compliance to PCI DSS. We bring in a culture of continuous compliance so that remediations are implemented in a timely manner and audits are stress-free.

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