Cloud Security and Cloud Computing Services

Top Cloud Security Risks

Data Breaches
Misconfiguration and inadequate change control
Lack of cloud security architecture and strategy
Insufficient identity, credential, access, and key management
Account hijacking
Insider threat
Insecure interfaces and APIs
Weak control plane
Meta-structure and appli-structure failures
Limited cloud usage visibility
Abuse and nefarious use of cloud services

Technical Assessments

Our Technical Assessments are focused around identifying vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, control gaps in the cloud environment, provide recommendations and help to improve the cloud security posture. Our Technical Assessments for Cloud Security include:
• Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
• Cloud Configuration Review
• Security Architecture Review

On-going Sustenance

We provide Managed Services for on-going sustenance of an organisation specific Cloud Security Program. Our Sustenance Services consist of periodic Technical Assessments and Compliance Assessments to ensure security controls are effective and mitigate cloud security risks.

These services include:
Managed VAPT Services
Cloud Configuration Review
Cloud Security Compliance

Cloud Security Compliance

Cloud Security Assessments help to identify risks specific to the cloud infrastructure and corresponding applications and processes. Cloud Security Assessments help organizations assess the effectiveness of controls implemented and remediations required. Such assessments focus on key security elements such as data segmentation, access and authentication, availability, regulatory practices, and compliance.

Our Compliance Services include conducting Security Assessments against Industry standards on Cloud Security as well as developing the complete Compliance Framework (Policy Management, Risk Assessment etc.) for Cloud Security.
Cloud Security Assessment against CSA STAR/ISO 27017/ISO 27018
Cloud Security Compliance Framework
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