Recognised as one of the 20 most Trusted Cyber Security Consulting Company (2021)”| CERT-In Empanelled

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CyRAACS Cybersecurity Solutions

CyRAACS offers a complete suite of services on Governance, Risk, and Compliance. They also provide Technical Services in niche areas like Advanced Application Security Testing, Cyber Security Audits, Red Team Assessments, Cyber Forensics, Security Architecture Review, etc. Managed Security Services such as CISO Services and an ala-carte of all the above services in a Managed Services model are also provided.


CyRAACS has developed a few niche services
  • A Qualitative and a Quantitative Maturity Model Assessment on Cyber Security Specific Focus on Work from HomeSecurity Assessment
  • Balanced Scorecard to measure and report metrics-based performance of the Cyber Security program
  • A homegrown tool for Advanced Malware Analysis
Misconceptions Regarding Ethical Hacking

Many people fail to understand that it has to be continuously redone. “We still got queries saying ‘I got a black box testing done 2 years back. Why should I get it done now?’ All vulnerabilities must be prioritized in terms of remediation. Identifying vulnerability is not enough, you will have to fix it, validate, and test. In the cycle of prevention, detection, and response, prevention is always better,” said Murari. Ethical hacking is a detection process. More emphasis should be on the prevention process or remediating the known vulnerabilities.

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