Problem Statement

Customer was required to adhere to RBI Master Directions IT Framework for NBFCs before 30th June 2018.

Services Delivered

  • Conducted a gap assessment against RBI IT Directives for NBFCs
  • Developed Policies, Procedures and supporting forms, templates
  • Developed implementation roadmap and provided Project Management Assistance
  • Conducted a comprehensive risk assessment, identified risks across organization (Business Operations, Facilities, Human Resources, IT etc.) and provided recommendations
  • Reviewed SDLC practices, IT infrastructure setup, regulatory requirements etc. and identified opportunities for improvement
  • Reviewed supplier contracts and established Supplier Governance process
  • Conducted Business Impact Analysis to identify critical services, developed recovery strategies and Business Continuity Plan
  • Developed information security awareness material and conducted training for the Leadership team

Value Provided

  • Provided the Senior Management visibility into the key information security risks and immediate actions required to address them
  • Provided the customer a Single Repository for Risks with controls mapping to RBI Master Directions IT Framework, ISO 27001, CSA STAR, NIST 800-53, COBIT 5.0
  • Developed a Governance program for managing Supplier risks
  • Increased awareness on cyber security and RBI Cyber Security Directiv

Company : Microfinance Company

Service Delivered : RBI Master Directions IT Framework for NBFC

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