Technical Services and Solutions

VAPT Services

Periodic Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) are now mandated by regulatory directives. contractual agreements, standards, and frameworks.

Vulnerability Assessment focuses on creating a list of identified vulnerabilities and establishing a plan to remediate findings. The focus of a Penetration Test is to demonstrate success against the testing objective like breaching an organization’s border security controls, gaining administrative rights to a key system etc.

CyRAACS can manage an organisation specific VAPT requirements and helps to mitigate security risks proactively.
CyRAACS can provide VAPT services for the following:
• IT Infrastructure (Servers, Routers, Switches, Firewalls etc)
• Web Application (Application Security Assessment)
• Mobile Application (Application Security Assessment)
• APIs (API Security Testing)


Secure Code Review Services

Secure Code Review is used to assess identified business security risks implemented in the application’s development life cycle. It ensures that the implemented application security checks and mitigations are effective and correct according to the OWASP, NIST, SANS TOP 25 and WEBAPPSEC security standards and guidelines and according to the recommended implementation requirements based on the application development stack / platform.

The review process identifies the gaps and issues with the implementation from the development and maintenance viewpoint. It also ensures adequacy of the implemented measures to withstand the common and widespread security vulnerabilities for all kind of applications. We can conduct automated and manual reviews of application source code to identify business logic errors, security flaws and other vulnerabilities.

Red Team Assessment

A Red Team Assessment is an attack simulation designed to measure how well an organization can withstand an attack from real-life threat actors.  

  • Red Team Assessment helps organizations to better understand possible security breaches by simulating cyber attacks and thus helps in the prevention of future breaches. 
  • The assessment provides a bigger picture of an organization’s security posture and the Security team’s readiness in detecting and mitigating cyber security threats proactively. 
  • These assessments typically include all the available attack surface from the agreed vantage point (internal or external) and covers the network and application layers, physical security and security awareness of employees. 


Phishing Assessment

A phishing assessment is where deceptive or malicious emails are sent to members of staff, within an organization, in an attempt to coerce staff members to follow provided links, open file attachments or provide access to sensitive information or systems. This assessment checks the awareness that  the members of the staff has regarding the information security. 

  • Phishing scams typically employ social engineering tactics to steal information from users , Fundamentally the hackers are trying to lure your organization and employees by creating a trust and then steal your valuable information 
  • According to FAU researchers, 78% of people claim to be aware of the risks of unknown links in emails. And yet they click anyway. 
  • Due inadequate security measures, organisations are facing an increased risk of phishing attacks and ransomware soon. 
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