Recognised as “No.1 Cyber Security Company for SMB & STARTUPS by INVENTIVA (2022)”| CERT-In Empanelled

CyRAACS Featured in Inventiva


Top 10 best cybersecurity companies in India.



CyRAACS is a cybersecurity company is known as CERT-In empanelled company with mastery in cybersecurity, data privacy, and risk management. The firm started up its journey in 2017 when the cybersecurity consulting space only had niche consulting companies or Large IT services firms having cybersecurity consulting practice as an adjunct service.


Since its beginning, CyRAACS is one of the few players in India delivering consulting and advisory services solely for cybersecurity, with a guide on the Medium-to-Large enterprise segment, that is expected a credible player.


The firm started with a vitality of two and a vision to offer world-class cybersecurity consulting services to clients. In the past 3 years, CyRAACS has accumulated over 60 team members, finished off more than 400 engagements with over 150 clients varying across industry verticals and landscapes.


CyRAACS cybersecurity delivers a complete suite of assistance on Governance, Risk, and Compliance. They also deliver Technical Services in niche areas like Advanced Application Security Testing, Cyber Security Audits, Red Team Assessments, Cyber Forensics, Security Architecture Review, etc. Managed Security Services such as CISO Services and an ala-carte of all the overhead services in a Managed Services model are also empowered.


CyRAACS has expanded a few niche services such as

  • A Qualitative and a Quantitative Maturity Model Assessment on Cyber Security a new invention.
  • Particular Focus on Work from Home Security Assessment.
  • Symmetrical Scorecard to calculate and report metrics-based execution of the Cyber Security program.
  • A home-grown tool for Advanced Malware Analysis.
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